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Clinark Releases Anti Gun and Knife Crime Video

(June 06, 2018)

Clinark forget about the fight (1200 x 1200)Reggae singer Clinark, releases this Modern Culture single and video, "Unite Forget About The Fight."  This project is a collaboration with House of Riddim, Austria and Clinark's record label, Nurture Projects Music Bermuda/UK. This song, he says is "about coming together as a community and to stop the gun and knife crime." This song  is influenced by his recent cover of Bob Marley's "Unite" (2018). Dill's delivery is reminiscent of his earlier influences which includes, David Hinds (Steel Pulse) and  Aswad. The video was filmed on location in Bermuda and UK


Song  Credits: Genre:  Modern Culture, Reggae

"Unite Forget About The Fight."  (c) 2018,  Nurture Projects Music, Bermuda/UK, lyrics  by C. Dill, C . Annesley, J L Edwards. Final Production C.Dill,Music Composed by House of Riddim,  Austria  Musicians: Sam Gilly, Manfred Scheer, Herb Pirker, Motasem Billah Syed. Video Credits: Directed by Clinarke Dill and Juliet L. Edwards. Camera Man :  Malcome "Tusi Tiger" Santucci. Cast: Clinark, Sean Abasheedyi Saltus, Brandon C R White,

Carey & Cailyn Annesley Maxine Danvers, Michael Burrows, Jahzeel Quallo,

Judah Quallo, Sabrina Simons and Kristy Roberts,

 Full Press Release 

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